News Letter – Vancouver Truck Drivers’ Strike Update

March 14th, 2014

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Re : News Letter – Vancouver Truck Drivers’ Strike Update

The B.C. and federal governments and Port Metro Vancouver have agreed to a plan they hope will resolve the ongoing container truckers’ strike, but it isn’t yet clear if the drivers will return to work. Federal Transport Minister Lisa Raitt announced she was supporting the 14-point plan late Thursday night, following urgent calls from B.C.’s transportation minister for her to take immediate action. “I am confident that the joint action plan that has been put in place today will allow the truckers to return to work and the port to return to normal operations immediately,” Raitt said in a statement released by her office. But it isn’t yet clear if the plan will end the strike, which ramped up on Monday when unionized truck drivers joined non-unionized truckers in the job action that began in February. United Truckers Association spokesman Manny Dosange says his group, which represents more than 1,000 non-union drivers, has not been officially informed of the proposals but has received the details third-hand and is willing to consider them. In a terse, one-sentence email issued last night, Unifor, which represents the other 400 unionized container truckers in the dispute, said it was given the proposals late yesterday at the same time as the general public, and is “reviewing” the 14-point list.

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